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According to legend amber is produced at the moment the sun is setting, and the ray strike the surface of the soil.”  Capturing the setting sun rays, this balanced scent has top notes of rich vanilla, sandalwood, and musk combined with citrus, lavender, and jasmine.  Fragrance is infused with orange, lavandin, coaiba, basalm, lemon, and grapefruit essential oils. 

Hand-poured soy candle in an 8 oz. glass mason jar. Candle is three inches in diameter & burns for 50+ hours.  

Each Wax & Wane candle is lovingly made in small batches from soy wax derived from 100% American grown soybeans.  We use cotton braided wicks that are lead & zinc free, creating  a clean, environmentally friendly burn. Our candles are always phthalate free & made with premium grade essential oils & fragrance.

Baltic Amber Candle

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